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February 22, 2017
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Using Instagram for your business -

Using Instagram for your business

People come to Instagram to be inspired and discover things they care about, and that includes content from brands and businesses.

500 K+ advertisers worldwide use Instagram to share their stories and drive business results.

70% of Instagrammers follow a business on Instagram.

75% of Instagrammers take action after being inspired by a post.

1. Be Real – Use real photos that you’ve taken. Try to find images that share your brand’s story and look authentic whenever possible.

2. Use Hashtags – Using hashtags helps to find great content and encourage people to follow. Clicking on any hashtag lets you see the top trending people or most recent people that are using that particular hashtag.

4. USE 10 or more Hashtags – Adding multiple hashtags helps your profile become more searchable and found better. You can place the hashtags in the caption or in the comment section.

5. Explore New Worlds – As often as possible, daily or weekly, try clicking on the magnifying glass to find new people and businesses to connect with. The more people you follow the more people will follow you back. Simple!

6. Comment, Like/Love – “Show the love” to those you follow on their postings. Comment and like photos on others profiles and comment some positive things! Adding an emoji to your comment also helps your comment stand out in the crowd.

7. Don’t be shy – It’s not Twitter, so you literally can write up to 2K character posts. Interesting note – it only shows the first 3 lines of text before showing the “MORE” link to read more. So go ahead, write your heart out!

8. Consistency is Key – Posting regularly will eventually pay off in many ways. Like any social media platform and site, regularly posting will bring incentives to read, follow and continually watch for your next post. Like this one! 🙂

10. Be True – Don’t veer off your brand. If you’re a mechanic, try not to post about vegetables and fruits. It causes confusion to the reader and literally divides your efforts on building up your brand and business!

Mike, Trisha & Arianna Fox, Owners
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